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Industry Applications


AEROSPACE AND AIRCRAFT Aerospace, aircraft and military industries pose additional challenges and rigid design requirements that have resulted in a number of solutions. One solution allows large cargo containers to be handled and weighed by a single operator before the truck delivers containers to the cargo plane. This data is then communicated to the airport before the containers arrive so that load balancing can be determined beforehand, thus saving valuable aircraft loading time.

Another application involves sensing forces applied to the steering linkages which control the direction of rockets, or missles. Custom Stress-Tek load cells are used in this demanding, high temperature environment.


MEDICAL Medical industry requirements result in many interesting applications and solutions. The ability to meet the stringent requirements of this industry has allowed us to build up a technical, manufacturing and support staff that is flexible enough to meet the wide range of applications that exist between the trucking and medical industry. With a heavy emphasis on quality and reliability, the medical field demands quality control and precision. At the same time, the evolving and competitive health care industry requires cost effective, high volume manufacturing capabilities. It is essential to choose a company with a proven record, and with a priority towards quality. Some application examples are products that precisely measure patient weight while in bed, and monitor infusion pumps for proper operation.


WELLS AND DRILLING Line tension systems address other customer requirements. An example in the oil gas industry involves the monitoring of the line used to lower and retrieve expensive instrumentation packages. This equipment is lowered below ground at drill sites for monitoring and analyzing drill locations. Monitoring line tension determines if the equipment is traveling freely while descending, and avoids the high equipment and retrieval costs that occur if the line breaks while ascending. In addition, depth and speed information is detected by the same system for operator use. This method replaces a traditional hydraulic manner of measuring line tension, and avoids the on-going maintenance costs and reliability concerns of that method.


TRUCKING In 1984 we introduced the double shear beam load cell to meet the rugged requirements of the trucking industry. This resulted in the first of many patents that we have received while developing the complete product line and business thatwe call Vulcan On-Board Scales. Our Vulcan product line is recognized as the leader in the trucking industry with installations on over 30,000 vehicles in industries such as timber, refuse, agriculture, mining, and general trucking. Whether an application is to meet on-road or harsh, off-road requirements, we have customers from Iceland to New Zealand who appreciate our continued focus on quality, superior design, and customer support.
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