Load Cell Design and Stress Analysis Services with Advanced Engineering Solutions.


Full screen previewTheoretical stress analysts make assumptions about what should be. Experimental stress analysts determine what is.  


Stress-tek provides expert application analysis, sensor design, mechanical sensor production, strain gage assembly, calibration and testing. Our load cells are used in a wide range of industries and applications, including Aerospace, Automotive, Transportation, Off-Road Vehicle, Medical, Oil & Gas, Agricultural, Industrial and many others.


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Photoelastics and Stress Analysis Services

Stress-tek has decades of technical expertise. Our stress analysis services using Photoelasticity offers a unique way to visualize stresses on actual parts and components under service loads. Photoelastic stress analysis allows us to step aside from the assumptions required in engineering calculations and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to obtain actual data that shows the real state of stress. Photoelasticity allows our experienced engineers to provide a solution path to an otherwise unsolvable problem.



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Strain gages and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) reduces the number of physical prototypes and experiments while optimizing components in the design phase. This offers tremendous time and cost saving benefits for stress and failure analysis. Measuring strain with strain gages for computing mechanical stress is a long established method of testing newly developed components and for failure analysis on working parts. Stress-tek offers a complementary range of specialty instruments for data acquisition to capture accurate engineering data with minimal effort.



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Bonding and Gaging Services

Stress-tek offers in-house and field strain gaging services for experimental stress analysis, prototype evaluation, production builds and field-service testing. We offer complete strain gage installation and technical support necessary to obtain accurate, reliable strain and stress data. 

Quality of the installation greatly influences the accuracy of the measurement. Bonding strain gages is the core of our business and has been for over three decades. Our state of the art production facility handles both large volume and small batch orders.




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Design and Build Services

Since 1978 Stress-tek has been dedicated to the development, design and manufacture of custom sensors to measure force, torque, pressure and weight for all industries. We have a dedicated team of design engineers for custom and special application transducer design. 

Stress-tek has advanced in-house machining capabilities. We design and manufacture our own display and signal analysis electronics. Our special-purpose equipment is backed by the expertise and knowledge of highly skilled engineers, complementing the load cell design process to meet the needs of today’s smart products.