Custom Bonding and Gaging


Every strain gage application requires expertise and experience with a unique understanding of the strain gage measurement requirements within the application environment.


Stress-tek offers design and application of strain gages in an accurate and reliable way.Full screen preview


•    Customer load cell assembly •    Assembly stress evaluation
•    Materials testing •    Field service testing
•    Prototype stress confirmation •    Failure analysis
•    Pre-production, evaluation •    Verification of FEA results
•    Residual stress analysis •     Pure research.




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Aircraft Landing Gear Tension Rod

Strain gages bonded to Airbus landing gear components. This gaged part tests landing gear readiness and assess actual load magnitudes transmitted through landing gear components.  Strains experienced under load are converted to stresses for documentation of safety factors.







Aerospace Fatigue SpecimenFull screen preview

Strain gages bonded to titanium fatigue test specimens for the aerospace industry. Titanium is a difficult material to strain gage. The porosity and oil impregnation make the bonding surface challenging. Titanium oxidizes very quickly and gage bonding must adhere to strict procedures. The design of materials has many challenges for operating under space flight conditions. These fatigue specimens verify material properties and qualify their use for space flight. 




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Aircraft Testing Tool

Strain gages bonded to customer supplied sensor element used for testing aircraft parts. Special wire routing was required to avoid wire fatigue and existing areas of stress concentration within the tools’ geometry.








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Torque Shafts for Marine Industry

Strain gages bonded to customer supplied winch components to measure torque. These forces are used in monitoring towline tensions.  We worked with the customer to develop gaging procedures for the element material, marine environment and unique sealing requirements. Gages are coupled to a wireless transmitting device. This system is used in a Navy maritime application. 







Anchor Chain Tension Measurement Load CellsFull screen preview

Strain gages bonded to 250,000 lb anchor chain tension test links used to measure loads for proof testing of ship chains. These units must survive the salt water conditions and constant handling within the rough sea-going environment. Corrosion is a priority design concern and a proper sealing method is essential for survivability.




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Multi-Force Load Cell for Off-Shore Oil Platforms

Stain gages applied to simultaneously measure 600,000 lb axial force, 20,000 ft-lb torsion force and internal pressure of 5000 psi. Operating temperature is 150 °C. Gage placement is critical for mechanical cross talk cancelation. The high operating temperature requires modulus compensation for each individual bridge measuring component.








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Surgical Robotic Arm

Strain gages bonded to customer supplied robotic arm element.  The sensor output measures surgical force directions and magnitudes.  A multibridge gage arrangement ensures high accuracy and reliability of strain readings. This is a high tolerance part and precise gage locating is a priority.






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Pharmaceutical Machine Components

Strain gages bonded to components used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical tablets.  The elements are corrosion resistant stainless steel with precision tolerances and high RMS finish as the fit is critical.  Load cells measure shear force that correlates to compressive forces on the pill materials.







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Tension Test Specimen

Strain gages bonded to a tension test specimen for determining material responses to varying stress modes.  Gage selections highlight specific stresses and stress concentrations to understand the materials response to these stress states.  Shear, bending and tensile strains were measured and correlated against theoretical predicted responses.  




Three Dimensional Fifth Wheel Load CellFull screen preview

Strain gages installed on a heavy duty tractor trailer 5th wheel coupling component designed to measure forces in all three directions.  Manufactured for a Detroit based research firm investigating roll over accidents of heavy trucks as they existed off ramps.  All three forces are measured simultaneously to assess how tipping forces vary as road angle, speed and braking actions are changing.




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Three Dimensional Force Measurement of Heavy Duty Truck Actuation Bracket

An Actuation bracket is strain gaged to measure forces in all three directions to assess operating stresses under service loads.  This metal bracket actuates fiberglass components, the existing service loads were causing stress cracks in the supporting structures as the bracket had enough strength but the interface to other force members did not.  The strain gage stress information identified essential problems and set up the functional structure for redesign of the interfacing fiberglass components.